CONSULT offers all the benefits of proactive investment advice

CONSULT provides the perfect basis for active, risk-based asset management. Covering a whole series of first-class services, it gives you effective support on all aspects of your investment goals and decisions.

The focus is on systematic implementation and monitoring of your investment strategy using state-of-the-art technical tools, a rapid flow of financial market information to assess opportunities and risks, and a regular exchange of views with your personal advisor.

Advisory services

  • Determining your investor profile and deciding your personal investment strategy
  • Consistent, systematic investment process within the defined strategy
  • Rapid, strategy-based information flow is crucial to active asset management
  • Analysis and evaluation of individual securities
  • Sell recommendations
  • Notification that security limits have been reached or of any divergence from the agreed strategy
  • Warnings in the event of cluster risk and risk positions (individual securities with indications of total loss)
  • Periodic rebalancing of the portfolio (with your personal strategy)
  • Portfolio review in light of key crisis scenarios
  • Simulation of impact of risk and return on proposed investments


  • Graphic illustration of asset and portfolio performance (once a quarter)

  • Tax statement

Financial and wealth planning

(for clients domiciled in Switzerland)

  • Pension analysis
  • Discounted financial planning, advice on inheritance issues and tax returns

Basic products

  • Account and deposit management
  • Payment transactions and postage charges
  • Maestro card free of charge

With CONSULT you pay brokerage fees plus an all-inclusive administration fee of 0.28 – 0.5 % and benefit from a wide range of first-class advisory and other services.